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professional IT support


Techfusion Support
Effective IT support services for businesses throughout South Africa. One flat fee per month for all your IT support needs. Our proactive approach will find issues before they become a break fix issue.
Techfusion Monitoring Services
Pro-active monitoring comes standard with all Techfusion support agreements. Every client server is under constant 24 hour monitoring for fault or potential flash points.
Consulting Services
Expert help for your IT infrastructure. A Techfusion Engineer gives just that. From ad-hoc IT support through to regular blocks, get your hands on some of the most skillful engineers in the business.
Remote Backup
Techfusion Remote Backup can backup Microsoft Exchange Server, Exchange Mailboxes, SQL Server, MySQL Database Server, In-File Data and volume shadow copy. Setting a new standard in remote backups, you can now finally forget the worry of Backups.
Disaster recovery
Working with you, we can aim to protect your company in a time of need and get you back on your feet as soon as possible.
Connectivity Solutions
Our strategic partnerships enables us to provide our customers with tailor made ISP solutions. From Domain regsitration through to satellite internet connectivity.

featured SERVICES

  • Techfusion Support Contracts - Pro Active IT Support around the clock. A core requirement for any business is a good quality IT support solution. Driven by our super support philosophy, we offer scalable, well managed IT support for any Orginization.
  • Using a pro-active approachGood IT support is about taking the stress out of business. Our pro-active approach will find issues before they become a break-fix issue, giving you time to plan and manage a situation.

The advantages of Using Techfusion for your IT support :

  • Access to qualified engineers and broad skillsets
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Critical systems
  • Access to Consulting services
  • On demand Support - anywhere in the world
  • Fixed monthly fees
  • Peace of mind - your business is in professional hands
  • Customer Portal with Helpdesk and Remote Support
  • Scalable solutions that can grow with your Business

If you are interested in gaining the Techfusion advantage - Contact Us today - to find out how we can transform your IT systems!