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professional IT support

Full supportservice

  • Pro-active IT support Fixed monthly Fees 24/7 Network Monitoring

    Peace of mind for your business knowing that all you IT issues are being handeld by a qualified team - at a fixed monthly cost

    • Real-time Desktop support Disaster Recovery Planning Specialised Consulting

      On demand IT support, no matter where in the world you are. In just a couple of clicks, you can be connected to an engineer who can diagnose your IT issues.A reactive system that is robust and saves hours and hours of time and money.


complementarysupport service

Operational support for in-house IT
Project Management
Access to specialised skills

With vast IT industry knowledge and an experience base spanning many sectors, products and services we ensure that our clients receive the best at all times.We can work alongside your existing in-house IT team to enhance your current IT solution.

By working with you, we will highlight possible areas of improvement and suggest IT support solutions to them.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, and a Techfusion Engineer gives just that. From ad-hoc IT support through to regular blocks, get your hands on some of the most skilled engineers in the business.


Cutting EdgeTechnology

Keeping up to Speed
Techfusion prides itsself in keeping upto date with the latest Technology trends, and therefore offer solutions that are at the cutting edge of the IT industry.
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